Joey-Network has an open peering policy and do not require a formal peering agreement.

  • Peers may only send traffic to destinations announced by AS49697
  • Peers may only send traffic originating from their own / customer networks
  • Peers are not allowed to point static routes towards AS49697
  • Peers must operate an NOC which is reachable by phone and E-Mail
  • Peers should cooperate in any case of abuse

Technical Information

Router location Interwerk Frankfurt GleSYS Stockholm Serverius DC2
Max Prefix Limit 200 (IPv4), 100 (IPv6) 200 (IPv4), 100 (IPv6) 200 (IPv4), 100 (IPv6)
IPv6 2001:7f8:33::a104:9697:1/64 2001:7f8::c221:0:1/64 2001:7f8:3e:0:a500:4:9697:1/64
Connection speed 1000m 100m 1000m
  • MD5 Authentication is supported but not required
  • Prefixes shorter than /24 will be discarded (IPv4)
  • Prefixes shorter than /48 will be discarded (IPv6)
  • Bogon prefixes will be discarded
  • Bogon asn will be discarded
  • Prefix Limits will be used for all peerings
  • rp_filter is enabled to prevent IP address spoofing


Transits AS12586 AS6939 AS197071
Connection via: Interwerk KleyReX Interwerk
Connection speed 1000m 1000m 1000m

Informational Communities

Community (RFC 1997) Description
49697:1000 Routes Joey-Network
49697:2000 Routes learned from Transit
49697:3010 Routes learned from KleyReX
49697:3020 Routes learned from Speed-IX
49697:3030 Routes learned from STHIX
49697:4000 Routes learned from Downstreams

Action Communities

Community (RFC 1997) Description
49697:666 Blackholing of /32 and /128 IP Addresses
49697:510 Set 1x prepend to our Upstreams
49697:520 Set 2x prepend to our Upstreams
49697:530 Set 3x prepend to our Upstreams