Joey-Network is operating as AS49697.
Joey-Network is a research and non-profit project targeting to understand and explore the magic of the internet. We are a group of german students and trainees who built an own network for learning. If you want to learn more about networking and how the internet works please do not hesitate to contacting us 🙂


  • IP-Transit for non-profit organizations if needed.
  • Free RTHB Service (Just tag your BGP routes with our Blackhole community).
  • BGP  sessions via GRE tunnels (IPv6 to IPv6 prefered).
  • Public IPv4 and IPv6 resources routed via KleyReX or OpenVPN tunnels. (/30 - /28 IPv4, /64 - /48 IPv6).
  • OpenVPN service for public IPv6 subnets (/64).
  • Game- and virtual server sponsoring.

If you are interessted in such services feel free to write us an email or use the contact form.